How to file a complaint with the

NYS Attorney General.


The Attorney General needs specific information on your complaint about Bonnie and Neil.  Some of this information is personal and you may not want to share with anyone other than the Attorney General.

I recommend you file your own complaint  - fill out form cns001web_consumer.pdf - and mail it directly to the Attorney General. 

I can print off the form an mail you a copy if needed.  Please email me your address and I will mail it to you.

The "NAME OF SELLER OR PROVIDER OF SERVICES" is Bonnie and F Neil Erickson.

Address is 1070 Chaffee Rd, Arcade N.Y. 14009.  This is where they are running their business.

Be 100% honest and include any and all detail that you can.  Any documentation you have should be copied and sent with the complaint.  The Attorney General is not interested in any here-say or anything other than the facts.

More information can be found at the Attorney General's website here: NYS Attorney General Complaints